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Bedrooms for Children and Youth

Trendy and colorful bedrooms

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We are retailers of the following brands:
Stile Arredamenti Demo - Bontempi
Italian company that has its roots in a long tradition of contemporary home furnishings, where the quality of materials and the excellent price and quality of each model are a valuable accessory for decorating your home.
Stile Arredamenti Demo - Calligaris
This family business was founded in 1923, which designs, produces and distributes chairs, tables, furniture, lamps and furniture. Working with care, passion and wit, makes you live each day the best of Italian design.
Snaidero Kitchens
Stile Arredamenti Demo - Snaidero Kitchens
Italian company that manufactures kitchens for over 60 years developing innovative solutions, original, refined elegance is always discreet, balanced in the choice of materials and details.